Visitation Policies

Updates for those Visiting Residents at Sansbury Care Center*

At this time, we are pleased to announce that visitation can resume immediately, both indoor and outdoor!  Outdoor visitation is preferable and strongly encouraged. 


We welcome your outdoor visits for all able residents. This is regardless of your vaccination status).

Residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are in a 14-day quarantine period may not be able to receive guests outdoors.


We welcome your indoor visits at all times and for all residents (regardless of vaccination status), except for circumstances when visitation should be limited due to a high risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Limited visitation circumstances could include:

  • Washington County’s positivity rate is greater than 10% AND less than 70% of our residents are vaccinated.
  • Any resident with a confirmed COVID-19 positive test result or any resident that is in quarantine (whether vaccinated or unvaccinated) will not be able to receive visitors until they have meet the criteria for release from quarantine (14 days, no signs and/or symptoms).
  • In the event that a resident and/or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, our facility would still implement all “outbreak mode” policies and procedures, which include:
    • ALL visitation (both indoor and outdoor) would be suspended until at least one round of facility-wide testing can be completed.
    • If there are no additional positive results at that time, visitation can resume.
    • If there is an additional positive result at that time, from within the same unit, then all visitation for residents (vaccinated and unvaccinated) in that unit will be suspended for at least 14 days while in “outbreak mode” but visitation may continue for all other units.
    • If there is an additional positive result at that time, from another unit, then all visitation for the facility would be suspended for at least 14 days while in “outbreak mode.”


  • In the interest of all residents, we would like to request that NO visits be scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays past 2pm and not between the hours of 10:30am-11:30am due to Mass.
  • All visits MUST be scheduled prior to visitation. Please contact Latia Spann, Activities Director, at 859-336-3974 ext. 6551.
  • Visitations will be scheduled in 30-minute increments.
  • ALL visitors MUST adhere to the screening process for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Hand hygiene (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred) must be conducted.
  • Face covering or mask (covering mouth and nose) must be worn in the facility at all times.
  • Social distancing at least six feet between persons at all times must be maintained.
  • There is limited movement within in the facility. When you arrive, please go directly to the designated area for the visit. Please do not walk around the halls or visit with other residents.
  • Any visitor that does not adhere to all policies and procedures will be denied visitation.
  • Compassionate care visits and end of life visits are allowed at all times. Contact Amanda Johnson, Social Services Director, at 859-336-7716 or 859-805-4015 for further information.


*Our visitation policies are based on updated guidance for Long Term Care Providers (LTC) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued on March 10, 2021.

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